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BikesUp Seeks a Strava Api Programmer

Are you all about the process of becoming a better bike rider with no expectations in regards to results? You may reward yourself with remarks on a resume or perhaps a programming job that would actually pay you. In the meantime, can you figure out how to integrate the BikesUp! data and Strava? And make an App for smartphones?

BikesUp! created the first online handicap system for bicycle hill climbing. We called it your “Que.” What we did was normalize entries by our members and then made an estimate as to how the member would compare to a professional bicycle rider that can manage 5.0 WATTS/kg for 60 minutes.

Our algorithm works. In fact we can predict the time it takes for anyone to climb any mountain at any intensity level.

Want to help us out? Send an email to strava.integration@bikesup.com